Powerhorse Generators – Best Portable Generator For Home Use And Best Online Price

Powerhorse Generators – The Best Price On The Best Portable Generator For Home Use

Powerhorse Generators' Powerhorse 9000

Powerhorse 9000 Generator

Like the smaller powerhorse generators, the Powerhorse 9000 delivers reliable power at a price other portable generators can only dream of. And we’ve scoured the web to find the lowest price available.

Not sure you need 9000 watts?  Check out our home generator sizing chart (or use the convenient home generator sizing calculator provided by Northern Tools) and see which of the powerhorse generators will best meet your needs. 


Powerhorse Generators – Portable Power You Can Afford

We’ve compared prices and know that powerhorse generators are priced below any other portable power generator of comparable size. The Powerhorse 9000 is the largest of the powerhorse generators and we’ve found the lowest prices available anywhere.

Click here to see how the Powerhorse 9000 compares to its rivals or use the handy Pricing Comparison menu to see how each of the powerhorse generators compare to the competition.

Click here to see how the powerhorse generators compare to each other.

In the arena of emergency portable power generators, powerhorse generators are priced well below the competition.  That’s nice, but is this a case of “you get what you pay for?” Does the affordability impact the reliability of powerhorse generators?  After all, the last thing you want from your emergency electric generator is for it to fail just when you need it.

Powerhorse Generators – Portable Power You Can Rely On

We’ve looked everywhere for a negative comment about any of the powerhorse generators.  We found three, sort of.  One is related to the powerhorse line of engines when used on a go-kart  You can read about that one here.  Another is related to a mismatch between the amperage of the unit and the amperage of the camper it was purchased for and the third was related to the unit arriving damaged.  You can read about the last two below.

We’ve looked at all the reviews for powerhorse generators we could find and (with one exception – the amperage mismatch) these generators are simply loved by their owners.  There are very few reviews on Amazon but what’s there is positive.  Northern Tools, however, has many.  

Powerhorse Generator User RatingsIn mid-December, 2011 we compiled the following from the posted reviews.  Based on a 5 star rating (5 is the best), the four powerhorse generators had 71 reviews comprised of [53] 5-star, [16] 4-star, [1] 3-star and [1] 2-star, (the 3-star and 2-star are explained below). Combined, these total 69 satisfied or very satisfied customers, (most extremely satisfied) out of 71 with an average rating of 4.7 stars.   This says more about the quality of powerhorse generators than just about anything else can.  

As a group, the four powerhorse generators scored impressivley.  Individually they can each hold their own as well.

The Powerhorse 9000  (the largest of the powerhorse generators), had 24 reviews on Northern Tools, all 4 or 5 stars, averaging 4.7, and all 24 would recommend the Powerhorse 9000 to a friend.

The Powerhorse 7000 had 14 reviews on Northern Tools, all 4 or 5 ecept for one 2, averaging 4.6 stars. 13 of 14 would recommend the Powerhorse 7000 to a friend.  This is the unit that had one unsatisfied customer.  He rated the unit only 2 stars, with the following comment: “Not for 30 AMP CAMPERS: this one has a 30 amp recept with a 20 amp breaker… so you can not run your ac and heat up food at the same time…….”  

The Powerhorse 4000 had 27 reviews on Northern Tools, all 4 or 5 stars, averaging 4.8 stars, all 27 would recommend the Powerhorse 4000 to a friend.

The Powerhorse 2200 had only 6 reviews on Northern Tools, all 4 or 5 with one 3, averaging 4.3 stars, and all 6 would recommend the Powerhorse 2200 to a friend.  The 3 star rating was accompanied with this comment: “The throttle linkage had a spring tangled all around the governor and wires were hanging down on the side by the control panel…  I called northern and they are going to send me a new generator.”

Powerhorse Generators – Best Portable Generator For Home Use At Best Price

Whether you want a portable generator for remote power or for emergency power for your home, electric generators don’t come any more affordable or reliable than powerhorse generators.   

Click here for the best price on the Powerhorse 9000, the largest of the powerhorse generators. 

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